Assisted Living in Waterford

Questions & Answers About Senior & Assisted Living Options

  • Independent Living provides all the benefits of being in your own home, without the worry of maintenance, chores, or cooking. Customize your independent living experience with a range of lifestyle options, including a selection of senior-friendly floor plans, meal plans, and menu choices. Independent communities are not required to be licensed by the State of Michigan.
  • Assisted Living care is the ideal solution for seniors who value their independence, yet need some assistance with daily activities. Team members are available 24-hours a day for help with bathing, dressing, medication reminders, or other daily activities, relieving residents of the stress of day-to-day chores and giving them more time to focus on choosing activities to participate in, meal selection and more. Assisted Living facilities are licensed either Home for the Aged or Adult Foster Care.  Some Assisted Living facilities are not licensed and are Independent communities who bring in an outside company to manager care.
  • Skilled Nursing is ideal for those who have undergone surgery or hospitalization, received a joint replacement, or sustained an injury. With the attention of a highly trained and certified clinical team, residents receive state-of-the-art care.  Skilled nursing, post-hospital, post-surgical, and restorative care to current residents seeking quality medical rehabilitation in a comfortable environment.
  • Licensed Adult Foster Care Homes are ideal for a home environment with 24-hour assistance with all ADL’s.  Staff to resident ratios provides excellent care and prompt service for residents who require assisted living or skilled levels of care.  Many AFC homes offer activities to keep resident engaged and active in the community. Most AFC homes help make an easy transition from independent, assisted, and nursing home care.
  • Memory Care Services are focused firmly on the individual, and on providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating environment.  Memory care facilities can be alarmed or a secured facility.
  • Placement Agencies can assist families in choosing the best assisted living facility for their loved one.  There is typically is no charge to you, since they charge the facilities.

Questions to Ask Assisted Living Facilities

  1. Are you a licensed facility?
  2. What is your response time if someone needs assistance?
  3. What type of medical services do you provide?
  4. How is your employee turnover?
  5. What is the ratio of caregivers to residents?
  6. What is your procedure if someone falls?
  7. What is included in your fee and what is not?
  8. Do you administer medication?
  9. What is the protocol for visiting hours?
  10. How do you document care that is provided?
  11. Do you contact family if something happens?
  12. What happens if a caregiver does not show up for a shift?  Do you run short?
  13. How many managers are there for how many employees?
  14. Is the care staff provided by an outside company? If so, how are they monitored and by whom?
  15. What happens when the money runs out?