Waterford Oaks Senior Care

Highly Rated Assisted Living in Waterford, Michigan

Licensed Adult Foster Care and Senior Living Services

Waterford Oaks Senior Care is a small community, with residents and staff who care for you like family. Our charming facility is the perfect place to live in comfort and safety as you seamlessly transition to the next level of care

Family-Owned, Right at Home

We’re family-owned and operated, and the owner is on-site each day. With only 20 residents in each facility, it’s easy to get to know everyone well. Through exceptional service and thoughtful amenities, our goal is to make you feel at home.

Seamless Transitions for Every Level of Senior Care

Whether you want to live independently, need more assistance, or require full-time memory care, we are flexible and can change with your needs.

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Assisted Living

We’ll make sure you receive the proper attention you deserve. That may mean help with laundry and cleaning, or it could include daily activities of living, like showering and getting dressed. It’s up to each individual and their family.

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Memory Care

Our memory care building (West building) is ideal for Alzheimer’s and other dementia support in a beautiful, comfortable environment.

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Additional Services

Whenever you need a little extra care, we can organize additional services. By bringing these extra services on-site, you can transition to the next level of care without leaving the comforts of your familiar home.

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All the Comforts of Home

When we designed our assisted living facilities, we wanted to make them feel as homelike as possible. When you step into our buildings, they don’t feel like cold, antiseptic facilities. They are laid out like warm and welcoming houses, with living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms, bedrooms, and more.

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Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals

Oaks is our food. Here, food is not just sustenance. It’s an experience.

Our professional chef makes everything fresh each day. Residents especially love his home-cooked comfort foods. Three times a day, the dining room becomes a hub of activity as residents socialize and reconnect over a delicious meal.

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Fun and Engaging Activities

To keep our residents active and entertained, we offer plenty of on-site programs, such as:

  • Exercise classes
  • Bingo
  • Live music
  • Tender Heart activities
  • Social hour
  • Movie night
  • Puzzle day
  • Brain games
  • Birthday celebrations

Fully Licensed Adult Foster Care

Our senior living community is fully licensed by the state of Michigan. That means we follow stringent standards to keep our residents safe and healthy. We also offer financial options to suit each resident’s needs.

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Contact Us to Schedule a Tour

Come see Waterford Oaks Senior Care for yourself. Call or text (248) 390-6602 or contact us online to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility. The exceptional service, thoughtful amenities, and special people should make you feel right at home.