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An Assisted Living Community Designed For Your Loved One

Your loved one deserves personalized care, safety, and comfort in their golden years. Waterford Oaks is designed to provide all this and more, maximizing their quality of life while providing them with the adaptive care they need.

Our communities are intentionally kept small, letting us personally attend to residents and quickly meet their needs. Our staff and facilities exceed Michigan’s standards, ensuring that residents are in good hands around the clock.

Discover what makes Waterford Oaks the best place for your aging loved one.

A Home For Your Loved Ones From People Who Care

It can be difficult to know where your loved ones will get the best care and quality of life. Fortunately, the exceptional service, high standards, and comfortable surroundings at Waterford Oaks help make this decision much easier.

Intentionally Kept Small
Less residents means better care from our staff. Instead of being spread thin, they only care for 20 residents in each facility. This gives them the time and energy needed to attend to the personal needs of each one of our residents.

Higher Level of Care From Better Qualifications
Every staff member meets both the state-required standards along with our own high-level requirements. This lets them make sure each resident is cared for and that everyone is healthy, safe, and comfortable.

The Best Decisions About Senior Living Care
Waterford Oaks enables the families of residents to anticipate what’s needed for their aging family members, such as services, equipment, medications, or dietary requirements. We do this with a personal assessment where we offer counseling and guidance to help them make the best decisions at each step of their loved one’s journey.

Adaptive Care for Changing Needs
Thanks to our ample connections to unique services, equipment, and specialists, we can accommodate the changing needs of your loved one as time goes on to keep them feeling safe, healthy, and secure.

Fully Licensed Adult Foster Care That Exceeds Michigan’s Requirements

Unlike other care facilities that don’t meet Michigan requirements because of being grandfathered in, Waterford Oaks exceeds the stringent standards from the state as a fully-licensed care facility.

So while other facilities have hundreds of residents who depend on expensive outside companies to provide basic services, we provide what your loved one deserves by supervising this process so you don’t have to.

Exceeding these and other state requirements means you can rest assured that our residents are always healthy, safe, and well-cared for to provide the best quality of life possible.

Approved by Medicaid, Ageways (MI Choice), and Long-Term Care Policies

We understand the many challenges that come from caring for an older loved one, and so the last thing you need is financial stress related to their care.

Waterford Oaks is proud to be one of the few facilities in the area approved by Medicaid and Ageways (MI Choice). We also qualify for a number of long-term care policies. This helps ensure that your qualifying family member won’t need to worry about losing their home or services due to financial limitations.

Our elder advocates also understand how confusing these issues may be. That’s why we help you avoid any potential financial problems by first meeting with you. We’ll explain these complicated matters in understandable terms and examine what your loved one qualifies for.

Different Levels of Care for Each Senior Living Resident

Your loved one can find exactly what they need at Waterford Oaks. We offer flexible levels of care and treatment that accommodate each resident.

Independent living combines freedom and self-sufficiency with the security of having necessary services on site, allowing those who want an independent lifestyle to also enjoy having their health and daily living needs met.

Assisted living makes every aspect of life easier by offering high-quality, round-the-clock help for those who need meals, laundry, bathing, housekeeping, medications, and other services.

Memory care provides complete 24-hour supervision, protection, and care for those in need of this type of assistance, such as those with Dementia.

Additional Assisted Living Services Based On Your Loved One’s Needs

At Waterford Oaks, each resident is viewed as a member of our loving family. And just like a loving family, we ensure everyone’s individual needs are met via additional assisted-living services.

We make sure that each service provider that is brought on-site meets our high performance and qualification standards. This lets you rest easy knowing you can count on us to provide complete care for your loved one, no matter what services they may need.

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Healthy, Fresh Meals That Make Residents Feel at Home

To us, good food is one of life’s special gifts that brings us joy each day. That’s why Waterford Oaks puts such an emphasis on providing meals that are just as tasty and delicious as they are nourishing and healthy.

Our professional on-site chef uses fresh, nutritious ingredients to provide a home-cooked dining experience. With three tasty meals being served each day, it’s no wonder that our dining room is one of the most popular places in our community, where residents socialize and connect from morning to evening.

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Fun Activities That Refresh the Mind and Body

Your loved one will enjoy a wealth of activities at Waterford Oaks that help them cherish each day. The wide variety of games, activities, exercises, and festivities provide a favorite activity for every one of our senior living residents.

Some of Waterford Oak’s activities include:

  • Exercise classes
  • Live music
  • Brain games
  • Bingo
  • Tender Heart activities
  • Movie night
  • Social hour
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Puzzle day

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See For Yourself What Makes Waterford Oaks So Special

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