Assisted Living in Waterford, Michigan

Live the Life You Love While Receiving the Regular Help Needed With Assisted Living

Waterford Oaks believes seniors deserve to enjoy an active life into their golden years, while also receiving the care they need to deal with the daily challenges they encounter.

Assisted living at our East location is carefully designed to provide the right fit for seniors who want to live the life they love while also receiving the help they need.

Waterford Oaks Assisted Living: Everything Your Loved One Needs to Enjoy Life

Deciding to move to an assisted living facility can be a weighty, emotional decision—not just for the resident, but for the whole family.

Yet, time and again, assisted living at Waterford Oaks proves to be exactly what everyone involved was looking for. Thanks to our exceptional staff, welcoming environment, services, and amenities, we help make the transition to assisted living as seamless as possible.

Not only that, but our ability to provide unique, specialized services and support allows us to provide the exact level of care, comfort, and attention each resident needs.

To compliment the personalized care each one of our residents receive, Waterford Oaks has also been designed to help everyone feel at home in the charming, cozy living areas at our assisted living facility. This includes plenty of spaces to relax or connect with friends or family, helping our residents feel at home.

To add to this feeling of belonging and to enrich our resident’s lives, we also offer a calendar of activities that are fun and engaging, and our dining room serves delicious, chef-prepared home cooking.

Having a capacity of just 20 residents at our assisted living facility allows our residents to enjoy the privacy they desire while also being able to get to know everyone well.

Thanks to everything Waterford Oaks provides, our assisted living community full of caring staff and friendly residents quickly starts to feel like home.

Assisted Living Services That Help Our Residents Feel Loved and Taken Care Of

To create a warm, happy environment that helps both seniors and their families rest easy, Waterford Oaks provides the services our residents want and need. These include:

Three nutritious meals a day, plus snacks and beverages
We know the importance that food plays for both the body and the soul, helping us remain healthy while also providing comfort and enjoyment like nothing else. That’s why we provide a wide variety of meals, snacks, and beverages that keep our residents healthy and happy.

Daily living assistance based on an individual assessment plan
What our residents need each day is as unique to them as their smiles. That’s why we use an individual assessment plan to help them receive the personal care that each person requires.

Manicure, shampoo, set, and hairstyling
We want our residents to feel their best–which can come from looking their best. That’s why we pay attention to the little things that make a big difference, whether that’s getting a hairstyle that makes them feel like themselves or getting treated to a manicure.

Weekly laundry
No one feels good when they don’t feel fresh. So we don’t wait for stains or odors. Instead, our weekly laundry service keeps everyone looking and feeling clean and presentable.

Twice weekly housekeeping
Having a clean, presentable home and surroundings is one of the many ways we dignify our residents. To make sure everything remains clean, tidy, and safe, we offer housekeeping services that care for our residents twice a week.

Administration of medications as prescribed by a physician
The health and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority. To ensure everyone stays healthy and feeling good, we use a physician to make sure each resident gets the precise medications they need.

Ordering and refilling of prescriptions
Our residents may feel overwhelmed by keeping track of what prescription needs to be filled and when. So we take care of it for them, letting them enjoy life instead.

Emergency call system in all rooms and bathrooms
We do everything possible to help both our residents and our families rest easy and know that there’s always help at the ready at Waterford Oaks. Having emergency call systems in every room ensures that, no matter where your loved one is, they’re always able to call for help when they need it.

24-hour supervision and protection
There is nothing more important to us than the safety of your loved one. That’s why Waterford Oaks provides round the clock staffing who are fully trained and ready to help for any eventuality to ensure that our residents are cared for.

On top of these, there are also additional services that are available as needed. These include physicians, therapists, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

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The Best in Assisted Living

Assisted living at Waterford Oaks offers a great balance of freedom and safety for seniors, making this type of senior living very appealing. Here are a few main features that makes it so attractive:

A Private Facility with Tranquil Surroundings
Our assisted living facility is designed for peace and safety. You can have your own space with your belongings for rest and privacy. We provide everything you need to stay healthy, secure, and well-cared for in one convenient location.

24/7 Care and Services Whenever They’re Needed
Our assisted living community has trained and caring staff available 24/7 to provide the right assistance at the right time. That means no one has to wait for a major incident to get help. Instead, residents receive the care and support needed to enjoy life.

Attentive Care with Health Needs
Not only is help available at any time, but regular assistance is also available, such as help with ordering and administering medications. Along with that, specialized health professionals are also available to provide specific services our residents may require.

And if there are serious health issues, our in-house physician or outside medical specialists are ready to provide the medical help needed.

An Active Community Providing Refreshing, Fun Activities
Our friendly, active community at Waterford Oaks is a regular source of joy and excitement for our residents. Whether it’s our ample entertainment we provide or the engaging activities that fill the day, our residents stay busy, engaged, and connected with friends.

Some local favorites that promote a healthy mind and a happy heart include exercise classes, brain games, movie nights, and arts and crafts.

Elevated Care for Better Assisted Living

If you’re unsure about where to find the best care and quality of life for your loved ones, Waterford Oaks can help. Our exceptional service, high standards, and comfortable surroundings make the decision much easier for you.

Smaller Size for Better Care
Having fewer residents allows our staff to provide better care. Each facility only has 20 residents, ensuring our staff can dedicate enough time and energy to meet each resident’s personal needs.

Caregivers with Better Qualifications
Our staff members meet both state-required standards and our own high-level requirements to ensure each resident is well cared for. This ensures each resident is healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Knowledgeable Help to Make the Best Decisions About Care
Waterford Oaks helps families plan for the needs of their aging loved ones by providing personalized assessments. We offer counseling and guidance to assist them in making the best decisions for their family member’s journey. This may involve coordinating services, providing necessary equipment, managing medications, or addressing dietary requirements.

Help that Adapts to Our Resident’s Needs
With our wide range of connections to specialized services, equipment, and specialists, Waterford Oaks is ready to meet the needs of your loved one, whatever that may be. This enables us to help them always feel safe, healthy, and secure even as their needs change over time.

Fully Licensed for Care that Exceeds Michigan’s Requirements
While other assisted living facilities are not licensed by the state of Michigan, Waterford Oaks is. What’s the difference?

An unlicensed facility can have 100 residents with only one care giver, leading to very poor levels of care or even neglect. However, a licensed community is regulated by the state and have standards of care concerning resident to staff ratios.

Waterford Oaks goes far beyond these state requirements to provide excellent levels of care. We staff according to the needs of our residents, not just minimum requirements.

What is Assisted Living? And How is it Different From a Nursing Home?

When considering assisted living, one concern that both seniors and their families often have is related to what they imagine when they hear ‘nursing home’: an elderly person living in a large facility alone, isolated from friends and family, and with nothing to do.

However, assisted living at Waterford Oaks is far different. For one thing, our facility is intentionally kept small in order to provide the care residents need while also fostering a community where residents quickly become friends.

To further develop these social connections and to promote a lively, fun atmosphere, we also feature a wide variety of activities, exercises, crafts, social engagements, hobbies, and entertainment to enrich and stimulate our residents.

This contrasts heavily with nursing homes, where residents are dealing with chronic disabilities, medical conditions, pain, and other severe maladies that may require round the clock care and supervision from medical professionals.

While Waterford Oaks provides the medical care and practical help our residents need, they are the opposite of lonely, isolated, and forgotten. In fact, many newly-arrived residents find themselves more busy and socially connected than when they lived on their own.

Is Assisted Living Right for Your Loved One?

Waterford Oaks does everything possible to help our residents enjoy life to the fullest. This includes the right level of care our residents need.

To help you know if assisted living is right for your loved one, we invite you to find the answers to these questions:

How much daily support do they need?
Not taking care of personal hygiene can be a sign they need assistance. If you notice a smell or see them wearing the same clothes every day, it’s time to consider getting help. Assisted living helps seniors with these and other daily activities like bathing, grooming, and taking medication.

Has there been a change in their personality?
As we age, our cognitive abilities often slow down. But if you notice a drastic change in personality, it could be a cause for concern. If your loved one is avoiding social gatherings, giving up hobbies, and staying home all the time, they may need assisted living.

Waterford Oaks offers a variety of activities such as brain games, live performances, communal dining, and other hobbies to keep them engaged and enjoying life with others. It can be a great way for an aging individual to stay active and socialize with their peers.

How is their memory?
When your loved one is experiencing mental disabilities, it’s important to address the situation promptly. Keep an eye out for signs of memory problems like leaving electrical devices on, not finishing food, or leaving doors open.

Our assisted living facility can provide your loved one with the support and safety they need. This decision can bring both you and your loved one peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

Have they experienced noticeable weight loss?
When your loved one struggles to cook, they might end up eating whatever is easy to grab. But as people get older, memory problems can also cause them to forget to eat. This can lead to rapid weight loss if not addressed.

Because it’s so important for seniors to get the proper nutrition they need, assisted living at Waterford Oaks completely takes care of all three meals, along with snacks and drinks.

Contact Waterford Oaks to Get Answers to Your Questions About Assisted Living

We know how much you care about your loved one. That’s why our assisted living has been designed to provide the unique level of care they deserve.

Come visit us in person to see everything our assisted living provides for your loved one. Contact us online to schedule a tour, or call us today at (248) 390-6602 for answers to your questions.